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 I was a child of the '60s and I grew up in the suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was a time of innocence, and children were encouraged to play outdoors in the fresh air and the sunshine all day long. We all had a great time catching butterflies and tadpoles and exploring old abandoned farmhouses near a place called, 'The Pioneer Village.'  Early one summer morning I was walking with a friend, and we decided to explore the Black Creek Ravine. We walked along the path of the stream which was unmanicured and growing wild. Along the way, we met an artist in a field of wildflowers. He was sitting in front of his easel painting the flowery landscape. His painting was very life-like and realistic appeared to come off the page. It was magical! I was awe-struck with inspiration. It was then that I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up. This formative, magical experience has become a part of my life's dream which led to my becoming a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. My art journey started with my interest in making pottery, and several years later I realized that I wanted to paint landscapes. Through the practice of making art, I   have  developed an appreciation  for color and beauty everywhere





My art-making process begins with meditating. When an idea comes to mind  I will quickly sketch several drawings. While I am in nature I take photographs. I have used memories, emotions, and images of a place I connected with to start a painting. Cold wax is often mixed in with my oils. Molding paste is often used on the canvas to create a subtle texture. This technique creates depth and interest. Building up layers of paint on canvas while using the principle of color and design is essential.


Paintings on canvas and wood panel using oil or acrylic. Painted from 2004 - present available. Please click on the image for an expanded image and details. If you are interested in purchasing please contact me for more information. All images are by Jane Mikas Arts©



Pen & Ink


Click the Redbubble logo and it will take you to my print shop! You can choose from an assortment of high-quality, fashionable, and household items. 


Happy Patron

'Fiona Duncanson says,'

Hi Jane, I love your painting! I found the perfect spot for it! 


Future Events



 Art Tour 2024 will be taking place on May 25-26th,11am - 5pm. I am no.2 on the brochures map on the back. Looking forward to seeing you there! 14 Harshaw Avenue in my backyard starting at 11 am-5 pm Saturday & Sunday 


West End Art Tour 2023

West End Art Tour 2022

Art For Cancer/ Princess Margaret-May2015-2019

Milton Centre For The Arts Group Show 2014

"Process" Artworks Artschool Sept. 2013

Bloor West Art Tour June 2013

Bloor West Art Tour June 2012

Bloor West Art Tour June 2011

Bloor West Art Tour June 2010

Gallery Art In The Village 2008-9

Lello Art Gallery "Inception" 2009

Lello Art Gallery "Pathways" 2008

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